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George W Bush

"I predict George W bush will now commenly be known as George Wanker Bush" -Alan Davis

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Why Is George Bush Such A...Bad Man?

He is an idiot. "More and more of our imports are comming from overseas" This man is not of sound mind.

This bit is written by Columbia1975 (see Church of the Holy Ritz)
"This is when I get to tell you all of the evil evil bad bad bad bad things he as done as well and being an evil evil bad bad bad bad bad person! The death penalty (144 executed under him in Texas, at least 7% innocent).
And don't forget his total bigotry! He is so bad. He really is a bible thumper, he has said that "God does not hear the cries of Jews". I'm serious!
He is so bad! You know that bill proposed by James Byrd's (the black man who
was killed in Texas) family??? The one about hate crimes??? You'd think he'd support it... right? No. Why? BECAUSE HE'S A BIGOT. Argh! Oh, and Cheney.
Cheney, his running mate, voted for plastic guns (go terrorists!) and ending HeadStart. Oh, and he does a lot of business with Myanmar (formerly Burma) in SE Asia. "But, Columbia," you are probably saying, "Isn't Myanmar one of the least free countries in the world with slave labor and whatnot?" And you would be right. Does Cheney care? No. He
doesn't have a soul, obviously. And did the media report this?
The media didn't report any of this. Why? Do you remember when CNN got big?
When was that?
The GULF WAR. (As in Bush's father??? As in Cheney???)
Ok, I'm done ranting."
Very well said, Columbia :)

He's a bible thumper and wants do get rid of religions such as Wicca and the like. He probably thinks it's the same as Satanism!

He goes on about God all the time...I pray to God, Thank God, blah blah blah...what's God got to do with polotics?

He wants to outlaw aboritions...that's just plain wrong! It brings unwanted children into this world, and that's not fair on the child or the parent.

This bit is courtesy of Lady Veruca...They are very good points. Listen carefully, right wingers.
"Not only does out lawing abortion bring unwanted children into this world, it brings up the human population. This is BAD because there are already too many people in the world, and doing this would cause more world wars because there will be so many PEOPLE in this world. It's because Christians focus on PUNISHMENT after doing something stupid, and most other religions focus on LEARNING FROM MISTAKES rather than punishing the person who feels bad for doing it and punishing our precious Earth. It's like out lawing alcohol - there's no point because people will just get it from Canada and Mexico and not get caught. Doctors and crazy people will do it anyways!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could shoot that piece of sh*t in the head myself!!!! If someone thinks abortion is so wrong, they should not do it, but let other people do it if they want. I choose not to drink, but I know that it's other people's choices to drink. I'm not gonna run around and say they're going to burn and all that garbage because I don't agree with what they're doing. I think people who are against abortion have no sympathy whatsoever."

"They say abortion is all witches fault is because witches actually realize what the over-population is doing and see nothing wrong with abortion.
That's why x-tians blame it all on us. gggrrrrrrrrr.......after all, a living woman has more rights that a blob of tissue enslaving her stomach,

He does not aprove of Gay rights