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Toyah Willcox on Rocky Horror

Quite interesting...

no copyright infringment intended. On anything :)

In 1975 I had black and pink hair, I lived in Birmingham, I was 17 years old and I thought I was alone in the world.
I had no boyfriend, I'd scared them off,--as I did the busses and taxis that would never stop for me and people laughed in my face, in the street.
Then, one day, I saw a picture, it was a still from a movie, in some awfully strait teen magazine. It was a picture that penitrated right to my DNA. A girl with an imaculate bright red bob hair cut, and if I remember rightly , fishnet stockings, red tap shoes and Mickey Mouse ears. This was Little Nell.
My life changed at this point and I knew I wasn't alone and I actively sought out my tribe.
A year later I had moved to London and saw the Rocky Horror Show in a little theater in Kings Road. By this time punk was in full swing, but for me Rocky Horror dared a genaration to be different. It was ?e?r the homeless genaration and we met that night in the red velvet confines of an old music hall theater on Kings Road. It was great and we were all weird.
-Toyah Willcox on herself and Rocky Horror
(extracted from a program I bought of Rocky Horror) no copy right infringment intended or whatever