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Fan Fic

What happened after the castle

This is total shite so...read it anyway

Janet stared at the ground, not wishing to be the first one to speak.
It seemed her fiance was just as stuborn.
Both gazed at the wooden texture of Janet's living room floor.
"We're gonna have to talk about it sooner or later." Janet murmured.
"We're talking about it right now." Brad said, giving a small chuckle. When Janet just rolled her eyes, he stood up impatiently. "Well? What is there to say? Dammit, Janet."
"Goddamit Brad, we were surrounded by aliens! We both...Frank-n-Furter! Gosh, Brad, we liked it!" The guilt ridden woman was near tears. She felt filthy...dirty and ashamed. Her cheeks grew warm at the thought of the events that had happened just a few nights ago.
Brad sighed and took Janet's hand. "It happened." He said, firmly. "Nothing can change that. We've...done what we've done and now it's over with."
"But is it?" She put her face in her hands. "I miss them." She admitted, in a small voice.
Brad swallowed nervously, and watched on helplessly as his future wife dissolved into tears. "The police-" He started.
Janet gave a short mocking laugh. "Oh yes, brad." She sneered sarcasticly. She picked up an imaginary phone. "Um, hello, nine one one? Yes, this is Janet Weisse and Brad Majors. A few nights ago we had a flat, went into a castle, met a transvestite and were seduced by him. Oh, did i mention that he's an alien? yeah, so are the others. Don't hang up." She shook her head sadly and put down the imaginary phone. "They hung up." She told him.
Brad fumed. "If we're not gonna talk about it like adults we may as well call the whole thing off!" He shouted.
"If that's the way you want it fine!"
"Bloody marvelous." Brad spat, taking his jaket and stepping out into the night, leaving Janet alone in the dimly lit lounge.
There was a light rap on the door. "WHAT?!" Janet screeched.
her mother and father stepped in.
"Honey, i was worried. I heard shouting." mrs Weisse said, softly, putting an arm around her daughter.
"What has that Majors boy done to you?" Mr Weisse asked, suddenly very angry. "Tell me, pumpkin, and i'll go right up to him and-"
"Dad," Janet cut him off wearily, "Just...don't. It's been a horrible 82 hours. And i'm really really tired."
Mrs Weisse nodded. "Of course honey. You go right up to your room and i'll make you some nice warm chocolate milk."
Suddenly the young women was very angry. "Chocolate milk?" Janet asked, bitterly. "so...i'm still eight years old. Made of pure honey and sugar or whatever." She got in her mother's face. "Yeah? Well I've got news for you, mom, dad." She looked them each in the eye and smiled as she said the next few sentenses. "Remember when i came back home that night, soking, my clothes all torn?"
"Yes." Mr WEisse answered cautiously.
Janet giggled. "Well, i was out having the time of my life in this old castle with complete strangers. Let's see...who was there? Um...a few transvestites...a bisexual domestic..."
Mr Weisse started to hyperventilate and Mrs Weisse's eyes bugged.
"...a groupie who slept around....all wearing fishnets and corsettes, Rocky wearing nothing but gold speedo..."
Mr Weisse's voice turned cold. "Janet, that's ENOUGH! Go to your room."
Janet lifted her chin up. "No." She whispered. Then in a louder, more controlled voice.
She turned on her heels and walked strait out the door.
"Just where do you think you're going, young lady?" Mrs Weisse yelled, though trying to be quite. After all, she couldn't risk the neighbours finding out...what about tomorrow's tupperwhere party?
Janet laughed and shrugged, though shivering slightly from the cold rain that fell down on her. "I don't know! Maybe...maybe i'll go to Las Vegas and be a stripper. Fuck, that would be cool!"
"Did you just say the F word?" Mrs WEisse asked, horrified.
Janet paused and pretended to consider it. "F...u...c...k...yes. Yes i believe i did say the word in question. FU--CK. Fuck!" She started to do a little dance annd sing. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck..."
Mrs Weisse burst into tears and clung to her husband for support.
"Now see what you've done?" Mr Weisse cried. "You've made your mother upset."
Janet gasped. "Gee, i'm terribly sorry...sorry for letting you guys hold me back all these years when all i wanted was to be free!"
And with that she ran to las vegas with Brad, did a little dance, smoked a little pot, had a few orgies and died.

(i'm really lacking creativity, huh?)
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The Bride Of Frank N Furter is a wonderful fan fic by Faye Raye...it's about what happened to everyone after the castle and something shocking is reveiled: Frank's wife.
All the characters are brought back to life, and Brad and Janet are caught up in Frank's soul mate's twisted plan.
Bewhere, this is a tear jerker. I cried at the end. It was so sad...
I rate this fan fic an R...but do any of you actually care?
Go ahead and read it! I dare ya.

Bride Of Frank N Furter