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Little Nell

More to come!


LITTLE NELL: The one who has the Betty Boop style of voice, and of course plays Columbia in Rocky Horror
REAL NAME: Laura Campbell
BORN:May 24, 1953
GREW UP IN: Sydney, Australia
Alfie Darling '75
Barry Mackenzie Holds His Own '74
Great Expectations '98
I Wanna Be A Beauty Queen '78
Journey Among Women '77
Jubilee '77
The Killing Fields '84
Lisztomania '75
Pink Floyd's: The Wall '82
The Rocky Horror Picture Show '75
Shock Treatment '81
Summer of Secrets '76
Stanley: Every Home Should Have One '84
She has acted A small part in Pink Floyed's: The Wall. (I also love Pink Floyd) And in 1978 she opened a one woman play Stoop in London (where I used to live *smiles and goes off into dreamland*)
HOW DID SHE GET HER NICK-NAME: She was named that after the Charles Dickens character in The Old Curiousity Shop.
WHEN DID SHE COME TO ENGLAND: She was eighteen years old
WHAT DID SHE WORK AS: A street performer
HOW WAS SHE DISCOVERED: it happened while she was tap dancing in top hat and tails-outside the theater where Jesus Christ Superstar was playing. Jim Sharman saw her, and recognised her talent and immediatly cast her as Columbia his next theatrical production. If you can guess what the production is, you get a cookie.