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Rocky Horror International CD
By Mynameisnottracey
First things first, I was quite upset with the fact that they used Eddies Teddy from the Audience Participation Album, it would have been better to use another play, same goes for Once In a While. I did, however, enjoy emencly all the songs from the Mexican cast. I know that there?een several discrepancies about the origin of the Mexican Cast, and whether the translations of the songs is correct, but I say forget that, if anything the Mexican cast should be commended for there version of Toca Toca Toca Toca. I feel that the Mexican cast has done the best version of the song?? dirtiness and rawness is felt, the way the singer belts out those lines, even if you didn?nderstand it, the feeling and emotion is so great it makes it an exceptionally enjoyable song and one of the highlights of the CD. Another highlight is the Norwegian casts Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein, and Muskellmann Sangen. Now I don?peak Norwegian but these two songs are so good and funny to listen too, and again the emotion can be felt in the songs, its not just people singing in monotone as if there being forced too. All in all, I would give the International CD an A-

Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
By Witchluv
There were a few things that pissed me off when I heard this soundtrack:
1. Planet Shmamet was missing
2. Sword of Damocles was missing
3. Once in a while was missing
And yet Superheroes was still on it!
Well, other than that I?ave to say that the CD is pretty good??nding almost exactly the same as on film. If you are a devout Rocky fan and want anything to do with Rocky Horror (like me ) then I suggest that you go buy it??s available everywhere, and is relatively cheap, priced ?9. I?orry, but I don?now the exchange rate in America, Canada, or anywhere else. Go work it out yourselves, you lazy bastards! * smiles and walks away* *comes back * sorry.
Anyway, here?he cast:
Tim Curry ??nk-N-Furter
the Ritz ??f Raff
Little Nell ??umbia
Susan Saronden ??et Weiss (slut)
Patricia Quinn ??enta
Barry Bostwick ??d Majors (arsehole)
Meatloaf ??ie
Peter Hinwood ??ky
Jonathan Adams ??Scott
The Tranies (whose names I can?emember)
And of course Charles Grey ??rator (Goddess rest his soul??

Rocky Horror 25 years young:
By Witchluv.
Okay, I regret ever buying this, let?ust get that out right now. To put it bluntly I hate this CD. Well, almost hate. Hate is such a strong word, dontcha think?
Well, let me speak in positive terms for a moment of two. The audience participation was good in some places. eg. CRIM: Brad Majors AUD: Arsehole CRIM: That? side of him I don?now & CRIM: A doctor Everett Scott AUD: Seige Heil! (shit) CRIM: You fascist bastards!
And I love Magenta?That really drives you insa-a-a-in (when she and Riff Raff do that scene at the end)
But other than that, I thought it was dreadful. The Columbia couldn?it the right note in the Tim Warp and she sounded like she had a cough or cold or something. And the Usherette/Magenta was a bit??l shit in Science Fiction Double Feature?? doing it way OT. Frank-n-Furter (Jason O?aven or something) was really bad as Frank. He didn?ound sexy and seductive??sounded old and doddering. I think he was trying to go for English Aristocracy?? in I CAN MAKE YOU A MAN, when he sang: ?he works for his cause?e suddenly had a cockney accent. Mnyah? And his performance of Sweet Transvestite was considerably week. That song is supposed to be Frank?ong, the most powerful one he does! I was very disappointed when I heard it : ( And Janet??an?tand that nasal voice! She sounds so?? in touch-a touch-a and Superheroes.
Brad is okay??hough ?e In A While?d sound a bit corny?? it was okay.
And since when did Magenta have a really bad Brooklyn accent?