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Win my Award!

win my award!

all you have to have is a web page. Any web page. About cartoons, rocky horror, personal, buffy, anything.
If i think your site is really good, i might just e-mail you back to say you've won my award!
I'm giving awards out at least once a month... So...e-mail me if you want me to look at your site!
I will link to you and write a complimentary review about your site.


Past Winners

Cosmo's Factory-
of course i had to give Cosmo an award...the site is excilent! Tons of pictures from RHPS and Shock Treatment, actor information, fonts, icons, home of the beloved bitch board and Zen room, and so much more! This is the largest rhps/shock treatment site out there! Stop reading this and go see it!
Gin's website-
i love this site! it's well laid out, nicely presented, has a load of stuff on it, personal likes and what have you, and although i detest N'SYNC, this site is very very good.
Columbia 1975-
This website is pure genious! this site is dedicated to our true hero, Richard O Brien. It proves that indeed, rizt is God.
It is very orginal, very creative and very well laid out.
One of my favourite sites, i had to give Columbia an award

Cosmos Factory

Gin's Website

Church of the Holy Ritz (Columbia 1975's Page)