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You need a bit of...oooh shock treatment

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Hoopla peeps!
If you are a fellow Zenner or bitch boarder, you might of heard me complain about Shock Treatment. But the film is actually starting to grow on me.
A lot of people have watched Shock Treatment and instantly hated it. That's probably because they're comparing it to Rocky Horror. But the Ritz himself says that Shock Treatment IS NOT a sequel to RHPS.
So for those of you who have watched Shock Treatment and hated it, watch it again. And again. And again. It does start to grow on you. Like fungus. Just quit comparing it! Okay, the songs aren's catchy and the script is no where near as good but you'll realise the film does have a certain naive charm to it :)(if you stop comparing it to Rocky Horror).
And the characters are cute, ( even if they're not as strong as the ones in RHPS in my humble opinion. Of course you'll believe anything I say because I am the Goddess! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!, never mind. God, I am such a hypocrit, now I'm comparing. Oh well. This has just become one big digression so I will now stop) some of the songs are actually are quite catchy, like Shock Treatment and Little Black Dress (although thank God I'm a man really bugs me)
Janet (slut) isn't played by Susan Saronden, but the woman who replaced her (Jessica Harper) is very good. But one thing that annoyed me was the complete change of character. Janet in RHPS is timid and sweet with a shy voice. Janet in ST is more confident as has a deep powerful voice. And she's also really self obsessed! But such is life. Or not. Or...smashes her keyboard* please help me stop typing. Damn. Didn't work. Where was I? Oh yeah!!
I just want to know: Why did Little Nell get such a crappy roll in Shock Treatment? Nyah!

The following info i nicked from the lovely cosmo...in my links page.
Acting Crew:
Jessica Harper .... Janet Majors
Cliff DeYoung .... Brad Majors/Farley Flavors
Richard O'Brien .... Cosmo McKinley
Patricia Quinn .... Nation McKinley
Charles D. Gray .... Judge Oliver Wright
Ruby Wax .... Betty Hapschatt
Nell Campbell .... Nurse Ansalong
Rik Mayall .... 'Rest Home' Ricky
Barry Humphries .... Bert Schnick
Marlene Johnson .... Emily Weiss
Manning Redwood .... Harry Weiss
Wendy Raebeck .... Macy Struthers
Jeremy Newson .... Ralph Hapschatt
Betsy Brantley .... Neely Pritt
Perry Bedden .... Neely's Crew
Rufus Collins .... Neely's Crew
Chris Malcom .... Vance Parker
Ray Charleson .... Floor Manager
Eugene Lipinski .... Kirk
Barry Dennen .... Irwin Lapsey
Imogen Claire .... Wardrobe Mistress
Gary Shail .... Oscar Drill and the Bits... Oscar Drill
Donald Waugh .... Oscar Drill and the Bits... Glish
Claire Toeman .... Oscar Drill and the Bits...Brenda Drill
Sinitta Renet .... Oscar Drill and the Bits...Frankie
David John .... Oscar Drill and the Bits... "Bit" drummer
Gary Martin .... Oscar Drill and the Bits... "Bit" guitarist
Sal Piro .... Guy on the Phone