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Rocky Horror...Why We Love It

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Rocky Horror, why we love it

The Majority of RHPS fans have at some point in their lives felt unaccepted. At workplace, at school, wherever.
school in particular, has certain cliques. We've all belonged to one of these crowds
a) The in crowd (people with mobiles, cars, a credit card and a slave to Vogue)
b) The sporty crowd (sometimes hang with the in crowd, mainly found in the feild playing football, netball, or whatever)
c) The Geeks (boffs)
d) The 'best friends since kintergarden crowd' (a group of friends who have, yes, you guessed it, been friends since kintergarden
e) the unaccepted crowd (Harshly described as the rejects)
But when you see RHPS, all that suddenly dissappears. You're your own person. Nobody cares how many credit cars daddy has. Nobody cares about that really huge and embarrassing birthmark on your face. You can be whoever you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. We can wear shiney sequins and fishnets and not be embarassed. We can have magenta coloured hair and not wear hats to hide it.
And gosh, almighty horror of horrors...men can dress up as women! In fact, the main caracter is a transvestite!
Every weekend we can dress up like the characters and have a ball...some people dress up during the day and have a ball because they DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!
And to all you annoying Preacher Christian Jahovis Witness types out there who keep on coming into Rocky sites, telling us how we're sinning...so what? In christianity, Jesus is supposed to want everyone to be happy and content with their lives. And whatever happened to that saying 'Judge not lest ye be judged'? Hey! I'm a sadist! I'm a lesbien! I decapitate chickens for fun and sacrifice babies! I killed my mother last wednesday! Isn't that what you guys want me to say?!?!?!?!?
When I see Rocky Horror, i feel released. (bad times deceased:) and yes...my confidence does increase before you qoute the rest yourselves. The poinnt is that i'm happy.
People dress up as the characters, throw things, call Brad an asshole and Janet a slut...why? cuz we feel like it.
i guess i'll finish up on the following saying before i start to rant on further.
Don't dream it
But be it


to find out more...click on the lips to link to a sociology report on Rocky Horror. It's really good and worth a read