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Richard O'Brien

Not finished yet...be patient!

Richard O'Brien:
He plays Riff Raff and is also the author of our beloved RHPS. He is also recognised by most of the British as the late, great master of The Crystal Maze (a game-show which I used to love until Chanel 4 got rid of it. Bastards!)
He is a talented actor/author/game-show host/singer/song writer, and just about anything else!
he was married to Kimi Wong from
late 70s to early 80s and has a son named Linus, born
on May 1, 1972, and then married Jane Moss and had 2
kids name Josh and Amelia (I think, don't quote me on
that)... he's dyslexic, he was born in England, moved
to New Zealand, and then moved back.
He quit school and left when 15.
BTW, his album ABSALUTE O'BrIEN? out now it aint rock and roll but you'll love it. What are you waiting for! Stop reading this shit! Go out and by it now! Want more? Jeez!! Don't say I don't treat you guys good "instinctiveely erior??s theatricality, wit and excess hint at a new futer??**Q Magazine. ? of the most the most affecting and delicious albums I head in ages. If you have a heart, you?love this album??**D.Express
Check out www.interfishnet.com
HOW HE GOT ROCKY HORROR: Gothic tales like Frankenstein and Dracula are stories are a fall of innocence, of corruption, and RHPS points out that decadence and degeneration aren?lways evil and black arts.
Like??d and Janet. At the begging, didn?hey just want to make you puke? Two typical young American kids with little white picket fences and a cute doggy guarding their lives from danger and excitement. Then they go to the big gothic castle in hope that it might have a phone (when was the last time they visited the National Trust? Americans. Kidding! *hugs everyone* love you all) They deserve the fate that awaits them in the castle! Man, who?ant to live their lives in a ultra white porch with pretty flowers arranged in a neat little row? We all want a little danger, seduction and adventure in our lives. Which is exactly what Brad and Janet get.